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Bay Area Locals 18-50s for Paid Extra Work on "Steve Jobs" Feature Film, Shooting Jan-April 2015!
Seeking Bay Area Locals With Flexible Schedules Willing To Grow Hair!

Beau Bonneau Casting is seeking SF Bay Area locals for paid Extra Work on this Steve Jobs feature directed by Danny Boyle, Starring Michael Fassbender. Background will portray Audience, Press & repeating Core Roles: Engineers, Marketing teams, Interns, Technicians, etc. in the 80s-90s with paid wardrobe fittings required.

Production’s strongest need is for Men mid 20s-40s with flexible schedules and comb-able length hair and/or willing to grow hair and sideburns to mid-ear. Natural balding is fine, but no shaved heads. Full, untrimmed Mustaches & Beards are signs of the times, but not required. Women must have natural, solid hair colors, long styles, feathered Farrah do’s, Bobs etc. are all great; no heavy highlights or ultra modern styles. Natural curl & some volume are a plus. Production will provide haircuts as needed, not makeovers. All will be photo approved by Production.


- Core 1988 Background with Open Availability the following dates: M 2/23-Th 26, F 2/27 Night, M 3/2, W 3/4, F 3/6 Night, M 3/9 - Th 3/12 & M 3/16 to work repeatedly 8 up to 12 days for continuity. All day-to-evening shoots with exception of F 2/27 & F 3/6 which are OVERNIGHT shoots approx 11PM-11AM. Seeking Union/Non Union Men & Women late 20s -late 40s. Emphasis on South Asian, East Asian & Caucasian-appearing men to reflect time period. Must have your own transportation. *Fittings 2/5–2/19.

- 1988 2Day Wed 3/4 & Mon 3/16 – Press types, News Crew & Launch Attendees. Must be avail BOTH 3/4 & 3/16 in SF & able to maintain same look (hair/facial hair, etc) between shoots for continuity or do not submit. Seeking Union/Non Union Men & Women mid 20s-50s avail BOTH DAYS ONLY. Emphasis on South Asian, East Asian & Caucasian-appearing men to reflect time period. Must have your own transportation. *Fittings 2/5 - 2/19 in SF.

We will announce our extra casting needs in early February for the final Core group & more shooting late March - early April. Stay Tuned!

Hours/Rates: Film shoots are long, 12-14 hrs, often starting early, i.e. 6AM, lasting through evening. Non Union Extras are paid min. wage for the city they shoot in. Cupertino extras get min payment of $72 for 8hrs, time & ½ overtime and double time after 12hrs based on CA State Min Wage $9.00/hr. SF extras get min payment of $88.40 for 8hrs plus time & ½ overtime, double time after 12hrs based on SF min wage $11.05/hr. SAG-AFTRA members get Union background scale. Fittings are in SF and paid at ¼ your 8hr day rate based. Production uses a payroll company which mails payment within 10-15 business days.

Employment Requirements: Valid Government approved ID must be presented on set for I-9 paperwork. Everyone must present valid government approved ID on set for I-9 paperwork or you cannot be employed. U.S. Citizens can use a current U.S. Passport alone or must have two forms of ID: a valid Driver’s License or State Photo ID with either a Social Security card or Birth Certificate. Non Citizens must have a Green Card, Permanent Resident Card or Work Authorization from the Dept. of Homeland Security.

HOW TO SUBMIT: email the following to
* Subject line: 88 Core or 88 2Day, Name, Union Status (Non Union or SAG-AFTRA#, Approx Age, City you live in, Cell
* Core submissions: Must be conflict free. Tell us about your schedule.
* Men: Hair - Don’t cut it if possible! If willing to grow hair/facial hair, please note it!
* Height, Weight & Clothing Sizes/Measurements
* Attach 2 NEW color snapshots, smiling close up from chest up & standing facing camera with natural hair, down if long (no product). No hats/sunglasses. We must see your current look, do not send outdated pics.
* If we have not cast you for Union work before, please attach photo/scanned copy of your SAG-AFTRA card or other proof of Union membership.
* Owners of 1998 or older cars in good condition (no show cars) – note Car Year, Color, Make, Model

Seeking Bay Area locals only. Submitting does not guarantee employment and no phone inquiries will be accepted. BBC staff will contact you if we might be able to cast you. Thank you,

Beau Bonneau Casting


Seeking 6-8yr 3'8"-3'10" Caucasian-appearing Girl with Mid-Back Length Brown Hair to Photo Dbl on "Steve Jobs" Feature Film!
Dbl works 9 days 1/27-1/30, 2/2-2/6 in Cupertino. Bay Area locals ONLY!

Beau Bonneau Casting is immediately seeking a Cupertino/Bay Area local 6 - small 8yr old fair-complected Caucasian-appearing girl with Long Medium Brown Hair (about mid back length), who is 3’8”-3’10”, approx 40-44lbs, Size 6, to work as a Photo Double for young lead actress on "Steve Jobs" directed by Danny Boyle. Selected Double will work 9 days in Cupertino: Tues 1/27-Fri 1/30, M 2/2–Fri 2/6. South Bay local a plus.

Photo Doubles have to match actors look & sizes as closely as possible to fit costume and work on camera in unrecognizable shots. The Photo Double Rate is $162 for 8hrs plus overtime thereafter. Minors 6-8 yrs can be on set up to 8.5 hrs each day including on set tutoring by a licensed Studio Teacher. A parent/guardian must be on set with minor each day, but no additional family/children can come. This is a huge time commitment, Do Not Submit without discussing with family 1st!

HOW TO SUBMIT: If your daughter fits this description and could be available all the dates, please email the following ASAP to
* subject line: Girl Dbl, Her Name, Age, Height, Weight, Clothing Size, City you live in
* Parent Name, Cell phone
* Does she have a current Entertainment Work Permit? If Yes, note Exp Date
* Attach 3 NEW color photos (camera phone pics are great): 1 close up, 1 profile from waist up to show her hair length & 1 standing photo with hair forward over shoulders to show length.

Beau Bonneau Casting will contact you if we may be able to cast your daughter. If Bay Area local family/friend has a daughter that meets this description, please fwd this notice. Thanks & like us on facebook!


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