The Basics

Beau Bonneau Casting casts Union and Non Union Principals and Extras for projects shooting in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How do I register with Beau Bonneau Casting?

No one is registered with Beau Bonneau Casting and we do not maintain an email list. There is no check-in process either, so please do not call us directly as we are too busy casting, thank you.

How do I submit for Beau Bonneau Casting projects or know when you are looking for someone like me?

If you are SF Bay Area local, like us on Facebook and bookmark the Current Castings url for some Principal and all Extras Casting announcements with email submission instructions.  We also post projects on the Casting Networks database, a.k.a.  Not everything we cast is open to public submissions and the majority of auditions for Principal roles go directly to local talent agencies.  For agency info, continue reading.

How does a Casting Agency work?

Casting Agencies are hired by Production Companies and Advertising Agencies to screen the right “types” based on a breakdown designed by our client. Talent breakdowns differ with each project and are very specific stating such needs as:

  • Demographics (e.g. age range, gender, ethnicity)
  • “Types” (e.g. business, alternative, athletic)
  • Skills (e.g. playing an instrument, dance, etc.)

It is the responsibility of the Casting Agency to seek out the best talent that fit the criteria of the breakdown. The Casting Director selects and schedules talent for auditions, oversees the audition process, and ensures that the director and production company view the talent and types that they need for projects. It is the clients of Casting Directors’ that select who gets the job, NOT the Casting Director. There are many layers to the decision making process. Once you are called in to audition, booking the job is up to you!

All talent (from actors, models to extras) are “potential” employees that may be hired by the clients of Beau Bonneau Casting. Beau Bonneau Casting is not a talent or modeling agency and does not receive a percentage of your earnings.


Productions typically like to hire professional actors & models and often request that Casting Agencies only consider talent represented by a Talent Agency (especially when casting children) and/or Union talent (members of the SAG-AFTRA Actors Guild). Talent seeking Principal auditions/work opportunities should try to obtain a Talent Agent. Beau Bonneau Casting cannot advise you about talent agencies – finding the right agency is a personal decision. Non-represented talent will be considered for Extra work and may occasionally be called for Principal auditions.


Audition spaces are limited and you will only be called if you fit the specific types our clients are looking for. Auditions take place Monday through Friday during regular business hours. It is typical to be called one or two days prior to the audition; flexible schedules are a must. Only submit if available for both the audition & shoot; these dates are set by Production and cannot be changed to accommodate your schedule. Talent should always be on time, bring Headshots and Resumes and be familiar with script if there is one. Audition footage/photos, headshots & resumes are sent to Production/Director, who then decide who they want to book for the job. We are very busy and do not accept phone calls unless you are returning our call or were instructed to call in; we do not hold open call auditions.